Q. What happens if my child is ill and cannot attend?

A. A transfer to another session will be offered or in cases of long term sickness a refund will be given if accompanied by a doctor’s note. Click here for upcoming dates

Q. My child has had a tummy bug, can they still attend?

A. Children cannot attend any holiday activity session less than 24 hours after suffering from an illness, sickness or diarrhoea. This is to allow sufficient recovery time and protect against spreading illness.

Q. I have been held up in traffic or at work and can’t collect my child on time?

A. In the first instance contact the centres reception team to advise us click here for contact numbers. Children must be collected by 5.30pm or at the end of the session. Staff can assist in calling other contacts logged on your registration form. Charges will apply if a child is not collected by the specified time.

Q. What will my child need to wear?

A. Loose comfortable clothing e.g. Track pants/shorts, tee shirt, sweat top and trainers. Please bring swimming costume and towel (children aged 8 and over) as swimming takes place every day (subject to availability).

Q. My child cannot swim; can he/she still go into the pool?

A. Yes, there is designated pool time every day. You must note your child’s swimming ability on your registration form and daily register. If your child is a weak swimmer they will be kept in designated safe water (no more than 1.2m deep).

Q. Do you have qualified staff?

A. Our staff will have at least a sports leader qualification and/or have experience working with children in a sports setting.  Our more experienced staff have qualifications in several sports and will have completed, or are currently studying for, a degree in the related field. For details of the qualifications our coaches have please visit our coaches profile page

Q. Can my child bring any money to purchase a snack during the day?

A. Yes, they can bring a small amount of money to purchase a snack from the Café or vending machine however the child is responsible for safeguarding their own money throughout the day.

Q. My child has asthma; can they still take part in these activities?

A. Yes, children receiving prescribed medication for a long term condition such as asthma can attend. Any severe medical conditions must be made know to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


You can find more information in our Parents Handbook